What We Do For You

No project is too big or small. Depending on your company needs and policies we can tailor any expat2holland package.

Our wide experience of all elements of relocation and secondments means that we can advise on any topic that you, as an international employer or your expatriate, may be concerned about. We know only too well how daunting this process can be for newcomers and we pride ourselves on a top quality service.

Pre-Arrival Orientation to Holland

Through continual email, skype and telephonic contact expat2holland will make sure that your expatriate staff feel like Holland is their home before they have even arrived.


Airport Pick-Up

Your new expatriate can be welcomed by expat2holland at anytime of day or night from the airport by our personal taxi service, who will personally pick up from the correct arrivals gate. They (and their family) will be assisted with their luggage and taken to their pre-arranged accommodation.


House Hunt

Depending on need, expat2holland can tailor an accommodation advice for your expatriate, finding them long-term or short-term rental accommodation. We can also introduce expats to our expatriate estate agent to help them find a place to buy and get expert financial advice on the possibilities of an expatriate mortgage.


Immigration Services

expat2holland can take over application procedures for work/residence permits for your expat and their families. With over 12 years experience of filing applications with the Dutch immigration authorities, expat2holland can offer expert advice on the best way to proceed with those expatriates who need permits and file permit applications on their behalf. But it doesn´t stop there; we continue their immigration requirements by helping with registration at the local town hall, collection of the BSN (social security number), and by accompanying your expatriate to the local authorities to collect their residence/work permit once it´s ready.


Tax, 30% and Financial Advice

expat2holland can assist with filing the 30% ruling application for eligible expats and, together with our network of financial advisors, can offer your expat independent financial advice on any financial issues they may experience during their stay in the Netherlands. This includes tax returns, mortgages, selling of property and general financial advice.


Opening a Bank Account

expat2holland can assist with opening a bank account in Holland. We can also set up appointments for your expat to discuss their personal banking needs with major high street banks.


Legal Services

expat2holland works with a fully qualified Dutch employment lawyer who has been active as a lawyer since 2000. After having received a post graduate degree from Oxford University, she has worked for big law firms where she succesfully completed a post academic employment course. Should you require any advice on your legal standing with regard to termination, or any other employment issue during your stay in the Netherlands; expat2holland will ensure you are advised and represented by someone who is qualified, professional and able to tell you exactly where you legally stand, in English.


Relocation of Goods, Pets and Vehicles

With expat2holland´s help, personal possessions, pets and vehicles can be brought to the Netherlands with ease and simplicity. With our network of contacts and partners we can advise your expatriate on the best way to bring their possessions and pets to Holland.


Utilities, Doctors and Dentists

expat2holland will assist with registration at local doctors and dentists as well as advice on start up of all utilities required.


Little Expats

For those coming to Holland with children, school and crèche facilities are just as important as a new professional step. expat2holland knows the Dutch school system as well as the international school system and can set up appointments with local schools (both Dutch and International) so that your expatriate can make a good choice for their child/ren. For those little expatriates who are too young for school, we can assist in finding a place in a local crèche.

Should your expatriate decide to place their children in the Dutch system expat2holland has a large network of international qualified teachers who are willing to offer little expatriates one on one tutoring in all academic areas. Together with our team of financial experts, expat2holland can advise on tax benefits for working parents.


Partner Job Hunt

One of the most important aspects for partners of professionals who have been seconded or employed in the Netherlands is finding out if they are also able to work. We can advise on a partner´s employment status and assist with a partner job hunt. We have an extensive network of recruitment agencies as well as experience in recruitment.


Networking and Social Life

expat2holland is a firm believer that the private life of your expat is important to a successful stay in Holland. Being founded by an expatriate, expat2holland has built up a vast network of knowledge about networking and social life possibilities to enable your expat to build an active and healthy social life in Holland.


Continued Support

Support should not stop once the expat arrives. expat2holland offers continued support by advising on registering for utilities, such as gas, water, electricity, and translation of Dutch mail into English, advice on renewal of work permits, passports and legal documents.



Once the expatriate assignment comes to an end, expat2holland will continue with providing care and attention - deregistration at the town hall, repatriation of goods, and termination of local utilities.